An inbox you love. For a whole new email experience.

One email. Once a day. All your subscriptions. Unroll.Me’s email management is a game changer. Here‘s how we do it.

Getting rid of the junk

We identify your subscription emails and neatly list them for you.

Do you remember signing up for that newsletter? We didn’t think so. Chances are, you’re drowning in unwanted email subscriptions.

We give you the option to unsubscribe from junk emails right off the bat. One click and they’re gone. Done.

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The Rollup: Organizing the subscriptions you like

Now that your inbox is junk free, easily combine your favorite subscriptions into a beautiful daily digest email called the Rollup.

You choose what gets rolled up and when you receive your Rollup. Like to browse email with your morning coffee? You can get all your newsletters and social notifications at 7 a.m. each day. It’s up to you.

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That’s the rundown. Here are the details.

Easy on the eyes

See your favorite newsletters in a new, elegant way. Unroll.Me is available on every device.

Intuitive categories

Unroll.Me automatically categorizes your subscriptions in the Rollup, so you can quickly find what you want.

A folder with our name on it

Want to check a subscription individually? All emails in your Rollup also live directly inside your email client, in a folder called “Unroll.Me.” They’re secure and easy to access.